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By Dave B. Roberts. Check out this interview in its entirety featured in the forthcoming Ax Facts & Stats Volume 2 book due for release SOON, featuring Q&As not featured in the online interviews!

Ax Facts & Stats with STRYPER Lead Vocalist/Lead Guitarist Michael Sweet.

By Dave B. Roberts (Photo © copyright STRYPER/Michael Sweet) - Be sure to check out this interview in its entirety featured in the forthcoming Ax Facts & Stats Volume 2 book, featuring Q&As not featured in the online interviews!

My name is:
Michael Sweet.

My current job:
Lead Vocalist/Lead Guitarist for Stryper.

My hometown:
Whittier, Ca.

My current album or project:
Stryper - "Second Coming."

Former bands:

My guitar influences growing up:
Eddie Van Halen / Randy Rhoads.

The guitars I use are:

The strings and tunings I use are:
Dunlop 9-46 / E flat tuning.

My current rig setup consists of:
Marshall heads and cabs, pedal board with Tech21 and Radial London.

The greatest invention for guitars is:

My normal songwriting process consists of:
Anytime, anywhere.

My favorite guitar solo from our band:

My favorite all-time guitar solo (from another guitarist):
"Eruption" - Van Halen.

Favorite all-time song (any artist) is:
Abba - "Dancing Queen."

Favorite song by our band:
"Soldiers Under Command."

Favorite song to perform in front of a live audience:
"To Hell With The Devil."

My Career highlight thus far:
Tie: Headling HammerSmith Odeon and Headling Radio City Music Hall.

My most embarrassing moment on stage:
Crotch ripped out 2 minutes before curtains.

Other than my guitar and amps, the one piece of my gear that I cannot live without is:
Tech21 Para Driver.

The first song I ever mastered on guitar:
Chuck Berry "Johnny B. Good."

My first guitar:
Epiphone electric.

The first time I ever heard our band on the radio:
1979 / Demo / Rehearsal room.

If I am only sure of one thing in life:
There is a God and I trust in Him.

The one ritual I always perform prior to going on stage:
Peeing 10 times.

The exact moment I knew I would pursue a career in music was:

The one thing most fans don't know about me:
I should have been a comedian.

The best advice I could give beginning guitarists:
never give up, no matter what your told.

CD(s) I'm listening to right now:

My 3 all-time favorite albums:
CCR, Van Halen & Journey.

Best gig:
Olympic Auditorium - Seoul Korea.

Favorite junk food:
Peanut M&M's.

My biggest pet peeve:
Being lied to.

The word or catch phrase I say too much is:
"Dude", "Man", "Bro."

The hardest part of my job:
No sleep.

What I like to do in my "off" time:

The first thing I do when I come home from touring is:
Kiss my wife.

Previous or first day job:

Right after this interview I'm going to:
Write a song.

I couldn't imagine being on the road without:

If I wasn't doing the musician thing, I could really see myself working as:
A Doctor.

Favorite movie:
The Breakfast Club

My mission in life:
Shine the light in the dark.

My guilty pleasure band or artist:
Bruno Mars.

My next goal is:
Make another record.

The greatest contribution guitars/music have brought into my life is:
An outlet for me to express myself.

Check out our Website at:

The one musician I would love to work with that I have not yet had the chance would be:
Glenn Hughes.

If I could have three wishes, they would be:
Love more, hate less and invent something huge:-)

When it's all said and done, I want the world to remember me for:
My never ending bold stance to serve God.


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